Saturday, June 2, 2007

Follow-up on "Globalisation of Public Health?!?"

Here is a follow-on report on the earlier blog, and to quote from it,

"The agency is focusing only on American citizens, said Julie L. Gerberding, the director of the centers; she said other nations should be contacting their own citizens. The passengers are being advised to have tuberculosis tests immediately, and to have follow-up tests in several weeks."

But ........ if these people do not heed this advice they may be blissfully unaware that they may be infected/infective and may continue to spread the tubercle bacillus and continue to be a global public health threat.

Isha Garg

Friday, June 1, 2007

Globalisation of Public Health?!?

This is a really scary event that occurred when a person with a very difficult to treat type of tuberculosis (XDR-TB or extremely drug resistant tuberculosis) flew on commercial flights without adequate precaution. This reinforces why global Disease Surveillance is an essential tool in Public Health and brings us to the question whether current global disease surveillance practices are truly global? This is something to think about.

Isha Garg