Saturday, April 28, 2007

Some reflections on a recent news item

While reading the Deccan Herald (published in Bangalore) this morning I came across the following news item:
"India next only to Nigeria in polio cases"

New Delhi,PTI:

According to an official of the National Pulse Polio Programme, out of 111 polio cases being reported globally this year till April 17, 54 cases were from Nigeria, while India registered 31 cases."

This report came the morning after I had read about a study

Eradication versus control for poliomyelitis: An economic analysis" by Kimberly M. Thompson and Radboud J. Duintjer Tebbens. The Lancet 2007 (April 21 issue)"

and was a real coincidence. Thanks, Ken, for sending us the link to this website.

According to the study, the goal should be eradication and not just control of polio and that finally it is the better and more cost-effective option.

See for further details.

Their study goes to prove that "prevention is cheaper than cure".

Isha Garg

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